Best Business Apps to Help You Focus

You have the internet in your pocket. Your smartphone is an amazing tool that gives you access to unlimited and very cool resources. But having the whole world at hand can also make it very hard to focus. Fortunately your smartphone also has some incredible tools to make you more focused and productive. Most are free so you can experiment with what works for you with little investment.

  • Minute makes light work of tracking meeting agendas, pre-reads, notes and follow-ups. Helps you look like you always have it all together. Easy to use and integrates with most business platforms.
  • Focus Zen is for a noisy office or a mind that needs quieting. This highly rated app is designed to provide “audios that boost your focus” and forget distractions. Use it to concentrate on work, reading, writing, studying, or for think-time.
  • 30/30 task manager turns your day into manageable and adjustable chunks of time. Helps you stay on task in a motivational way. Many claim it is a procrastination buster. It is simple and yet highly customizable.
  • Rescue Time will tell you how much time you spent on Facebook, or any other program. And if you don’t have the self-control to not get sucked into an app, it will block it for you or keep you out of it for whatever time you want. You stay in control. It runs in the background of your computer or mobile devices and then gives you a report of how you spent your time. You can analyze your biggest time sucks and have tools to be more focused.
  • Mindfulness training can be hugely beneficial in developing your ability to concentrate and stay attentive. Given the long list of psychological and mental benefits, the number of apps for mindfulness training has grown to over 700 apps according to one study They also found that only 4% of them actually provide training and education. At the top of their rankings was Headspace. Others that show up consistently on this and other notable lists are Smiling Mind; iMindfulness; Calm; Stop, Breath & Think.

Instead of letting your smartphone be the cause of your distraction, let it be a powerful tool for your productivity. Take back your independence and focus on the work that makes you successful.


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