Joe had a problem. He had cashed in some investments and quit his job to create a new product. Only it didn’t work yet. The technology was ground breaking, but they needed a ridiculously simple communication tool to make it usable. So he went to the beach. As he sat relaxing in the sun, combing his fingers through the sand, he recalled using

Posted by Barbara Bergeron

  Mark had it all. He had an executive suite with a beautiful view in a Fortune 500 company. He was leading a first-class team on a product that was in the news and key to the success or the organization. So when he brought me in to help him be more productive, I was a bit confused. On the surface all appeared

Posted by Barbara Bergeron

You have the internet in your pocket. Your smartphone is an amazing tool that gives you access to unlimited and very cool resources. But having the whole world at hand can also make it very hard to focus. Fortunately your smartphone also has some incredible tools to make you more focused and productive. Most are free so you can experiment with what works

Posted by Barbara Bergeron

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