Coaching Questions

Coaching typically takes place 1:1 so that Barb can customize the suggestions and recommendations for each individual professional. However, if you have special requests for Barb, connect with her to see what accommodations can be made.

Yes, Barb conducts coaching both by phone and video conferencing. Video conferencing is an ideal medium for organization coaching, as it allows Barb to make observations about preferred work patterns that may be otherwise overlooked.

An engagement with Barb varies in length, but can last just a few sessions or can span a longer period of time. The Basic Package for the 4 Corners of Organization is 4 sessions. Executive Coaching is 6 months.


Speaking Questions

Barb speaks to groups of all sizes, ranging from small group settings to large keynote audiences.

Barb speaks on a wide range of topics, all related to improved productivity. See more here.

Yes, Barb speaks in-person when an environment allows, and also is available to speak to groups virtually.


Training Questions

Barb works with a variety of group sizes, and can customize her content and delivery based on the size and needs of various groups.  However, an ideal class size is about 25 people.

Yes, Barb can arrange for viral training sessions as required.

Select programs have been approved for CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits and for SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) credits. Contact Barb for more information about accreditation for your group.


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