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Executive Coaching

Executives thrive when they receive relevant and actionable leadership coaching. SOS provides guidance on how to better lead and motivate teams – which then translates to an uptick in company productivity.

SOS’s executive coaching includes one-on-one meetings with senior managers or other leaders within an organization (such as members of the C-suite), and provides guidance and support in a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment. Barb works with leaders to understand their strengths and to identify opportunities to improve. An important part of this process is to articulate short- and long-term goals, and develop an actionable road map with required action steps.

Performance and Productivity Coaching

Human capacity for power relies on two key ingredients: information and knowledge. SOS one-on-one productivity coaching teaches employees at various levels within an organization how to cultivate these two critical elements with the highest levels of brainpower, agility and speed.

SOS coaching helps to ensure the best systems are in place for your employees to enhance productivity. Accountability is also a crucial element that enables employees to work at optimum levels. It takes just 90 days to discover how to get your most important work done, as participants focus on personal productivity or organizational needs.

This commitment of time that you put into the program will lead to lasting positive results.

Why invest in coaching?  

  • Assists leaders and employees at all levels to maximize their potential
  • Dissects an individual’s personal approach to work, to organization and to getting things done – so each element can be improved
  • Implements customized strategies to promote productivity the professional setting
  • Provides employees with an expansive toolkit to successfully move a career path forward


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