SOS offers two types of programs to meet your productivity and organizational needs. WorkAgility programs and Kickstart virtual challenges can be customized for the needs of your organization, delivering content in a way that works best for you and your team.


WorkAgility Training Programs 

Inspire your team and get results with these dynamic productivity programs

WorkAgility programs bring innovative, research-proven methods to your workplace to change how you process and perform.  Productivity expert Barb Bergeron delivers these core programs in an engaging manner that will inspire and motivate your team members.

WorkAgility programs:

  • Align corporate and personal strategic objectives and accountability
  • Present cutting-edge research on how our brains work
  • Introduce proven productivity strategies
  • Analyze our habits and how we can shift them to maximize performance
  • Provide applicable tools that can be use with immediate results
  • Build a forward-thinking and agile work environment

SOS offers three signature WorkAgility programs that include a range of topics

  • WorkAgility: The Brain Science of Getting More Done
    • Topics include:
      • This is Your Brain on Multitasking
      • Cultivate Creativity and Innovation
      • Good Stress, Bad Stress
  • WorkAgility Power Systems: Organization, Outlook and Optimization
    • Topics include:
      • Build No-Brainer Systems
      • Create Command Central
      • Me, Myself and My Phone
  • WorkAgility Powerhouse Teams: Work-with-me Communications
    • Topics include:
      • The Science of Changing Habits and Best Practices
      • Brainstorming and Conflict
      • Cultivating an Innovative Team

WorkAgility programs can be used for all levels of your team to engage employees, on-board new hires and target team improvement.  Customize your program to fit your needs and budget. The programs will change the way you approach your work and leave lasting results. 



Kickstart Virtual Challenges

Enhance your productivity in just 30 days

Join Barb Bergeron for 4 weeks in our unique Kickstart virtual challenges that will teach and reinforce ways to work smarter.  Just a small commitment of time from you will lead to lasting results.

  • Kickstart Your Power Habits:  Creating the Extra Hour 
  • Kickstart Your Power Systems:  Get Organized and Optimized
  • Kickstart Your Power House:  Balancing Team Communications

Kickstart virtual challenges can be completed by even the busiest professional.  Our conference calls and self-directed online tools can be utilized when it works for your schedule.  You will be amazed at the results of these 30-day programs.

Kickstart virtual challenges will:

  • Assist emerging and current leaders in maximizing their potential
  • Dissect the individual’s personal approach to work, organization and getting things done
  • Implement customized strategies to promote productivity in the individual’s professional life
  • Reinforce other SOS programs


Give your team members the tools they need to succeed.  Contact SOS today to learn more about our innovative and transformative WorkAgility and Kickstart programs. 


Previous Programs Include:

  • Motivation, Willpower and Grit
  • Balancing Your Team’s Communications:  Streamline Email and Meetings
  • Email, Outlook and Multitasking
  • Leveraging MS Outlook and MS Office for Productivity
  • Beyond Time Management:  Maximizing Your Personal Productivity
  • Personal Productivity in the Home Office
  • The Science of Getting More Done for the Attorney (CLE accredited)
  • The Science of Getting More Done for the HR Professional (SHRM accredited)
  • Get Organized, Stay Organized
  • The Organized Assistant:  Manage Time, Systems and Your Boss Effectively


 Program Formats:

Keynotes ▪ Breakouts ▪ Team Training
Retreats ▪ Workshops

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