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Barbara Bergeron is a top-rated speaker with a positive, dynamic, and interactive style. She immediately engages audiences, and during her delivery Barbara provides attendees with actionable feedback and direction that they can employ immediately.

She is available for conferences, break-outs, retreats or small group presentation and presents to audiences ranging in size from 15 to more than 500. She presents in person when conditions permit, and will present remotely as required.

Keynotes and presentations are customized for audience needs; Barb speaks on myriad topics.

  • Motivation, Willpower, and the Power of Habit
  • The Power of the Extra Hour: How to Get the Big Ones Done
  • The Fun of Being Bored (a TedEx Youth Talk)
  • Corporate Sabotage of Productivity – and How to Fix It
  • Being Focused and Engaged in a Disruptive World


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